Time to apply for SMS loans? – Think about this!

There are many things to think about before applying for a loan. More importantly, if you want to borrow money with sms , a so-called sms loan. Although the loan amount is usually smaller in connection with this form of loan, the rules and requirements are very different. For example, you must Be 100% sure that you can repay your loan on time and that the loan will not damage your regular finances.


Avoid loan extensions

Avoid loan extensions

Sure, it can feel tempting to take out a free loan and then extend this as well. When you have a private loan, this is rarely a problem, but with sms loans it can be a really expensive deal, although it feels like a good idea at first. For every time you extend your loan, you not only extend the amount of the loan itself, but also the interest and fees that are added. As the loan amount increases, your interest rate will probably go up as well. It may feel like a good solution for the moment, but it is recommended that you only extend your loan if it is a crisis situation or absolutely necessary, eg. if you have an unforeseen expense that is very high.




When it comes to sms loans and quick loans, it is rarely possible to choose your own maturity. The maturity is the time you have to repay the loan. Loan forms of this type usually have a very short maturity and sometimes you do not have more than 30 days before the full amount should be available to the bank or lender. If you have the opportunity to choose a payback period yourself, then be honest with yourself. Rather choose a longer maturity if you are unsure how your finances will handle larger payments each month.


Find a sms loan that fits

money loan

It is no idea to apply for a loan from a lender where you do not meet the requirements. Look at your circumstances and instead choose a bank whose requirements you can live up to. Also look at how fast the bank’s payments are. If you are in need of money very quickly, you should use a bank that offers direct payment.

Apply for a payday loan online

A payday loan is an interest-bearing loan that is granted by a financial institution . According to the Consumer Credit Act, it is also defined as a small loan or consumer loan. The lending rate is set by the banks according to their personal budget and usually ranges from USD 1000 to 250,000 with a minimum term of 6 months .

As the name implies, the payday loan should only be used for private purposes .

Today one speaks basically of offline and online payday loans.

Customers in the country can still apply for a payday loan at a bank counter. Depending on your personal and professional situation, this is not an option due to opening times of financial institutions. The online payday loan can help here . This can be applied for from anywhere in just a few steps .

Payday loan right for me?

Personal loan right for me?

A payday loan is usually used to bridge temporary financial bottlenecks, such as unexpected bills . Commonly mentioned reasons include home renovations , the purchase of furniture or the financing of a car. Merging open credit cards can also be beneficial so that only a single monthly payment has to be paid. Insurance can also be included for payday loans and other types of loans. This can be beneficial in the event of sudden unemployment.

Do you have an open payday loan and want to increase or redeem it? An interest rate that is too high may be the reason for a redemption. A comparison is always worthwhile because a lot of money can be saved with an optimized loan agreement and possibly a cheaper interest rate. Our credit experts will be happy to advise you and make you a non-binding offer if interested.

Your online loan in 4 steps

Your online loan in 4 steps

Apply for a simple loan application online: The loan request can be made online at any time. Monthly rates and duration can be freely determined in our online loan calculator.

Immediate loans in 24 hours: Incoming credit inquiries are processed by our employees within 24 working hours. Thanks to over 30 years of experience as a certified credit intermediary, we can act quickly and offer optimized solutions.

Direct payment of the money: After the loan agreement has been concluded, the money is transferred to the customer account (bank or postal account). The payment is made after a statutory waiting period of 14 days. The customer does not incur any additional expenses for credit brokerage.

Individual cash utilization: You can freely use the loan amount after receipt, e.g. for the purchase of a car. Our team is available to answer your questions and concerns even after you have taken out your payday loan.

Your needs come first

Your needs come first

You decide whether a payday loan is an option for you based on your plans. Our experts are at your disposal for any questions and information about payday loans in the country. The loan application is free of charge and non-binding and we can conveniently apply for the loan online.

Do you want to look at the personal budget in detail? We would be happy to recommend the financial tests tool to perform various calculations quickly and anonymously and to get an overview. In general, loans should not lead to over-indebtedness. If you prefer personal advice, our team is at your disposal!

Benefits of taking a loan without UC

What is UC and loan without UC? UC is Sweden’s largest and central business and credit information company that most major banks use to decide whether or not to grant you a loan. Loans without UC means checking your financial history without UC. This means that the loan application is made with other credit companies such as Creditsage and Biznote Kredit. Below we list reasons why loans without UC are an advantage.


Benefits of loans without UC and disbursement directly

1. No long investigations

The loan application is completely anonymous and credit checks are done through credit companies such as S-Cure Credit or Biznote Kredit. Several loan companies accept a loan for 90 days without UC. It is usually clear on the lender’s website about what applies in the loan application process. If they use another type of credit company, you can read about it in their FAQ. Otherwise, contact customer service if it is not clear.


2. Quick and easy

Usually the major banks take financial control with UC. Unlike the major banks, the loan process of smaller lenders goes much faster and easier. If you have experienced unexpected expenses such as car repair needs or have you got teeth that need to be repaired, a quick loan without UC is a good solution.


3. Save money

Should you have several unforeseen expenses that need to be covered urgently, you can pay the late payments and avoid delay fees with the help of a loan. If you borrow money for a shorter period, you also avoid high fees. Check and compare costs before you take out a loan. Some loans and credits take fees to prepay loans. Read through the fine print.


4. Loans can make you independent and free

Several people today work for economic freedom and independence. With a loan without UC comes a freedom because you do not have to ask family and friends for money. Asking family and friends about money can lead to conflicts. However, make sure you can repay the loan.


5. Flexible repayment

Flexible repayment

Several lenders today offer flexible repayment in the form of credit accounts. A credit account works just like a credit card. In the credit account you have an already granted credit that you can use. Unlike a regular loan, you can easily and quickly make payments and payments when you already have a credit already granted.


Loans without UC with payment note

If you have a payment note and have not managed the economy, we would not recommend taking a loan without trying instead to live smartly, save money and get a buffer. Most lenders do not want to lend money to people who are unable to repay the loan. However, if you do not have a solution other than taking out a loan, there are lenders who grant loans with a note of payment.


Compare lenders without UC

Compare lenders without UC

Lenders provide the opportunity to borrow money without interest for a period of time. It can be from one day up to one year that the loan is interest free. Of course, it depends on what you lend to and the lender. After the interest-free period, you pay as usual again.

The difference between different loans

Taking a loan is nothing strange. Today, you can borrow money online or at the bank. But which loan should you choose? Here we work out the concepts so that you can choose the right loan – simple, fast and safe.  

The market for online loans is large and you probably heard of both fast loans and private loans, but what is the difference really?


Private loans and quick loans are unsecured loans aimed at private individuals

Private loans and quick loans are unsecured loans aimed at private individuals

What differs are the loan terms, primarily the interest rate and the term of the loan. You can apply for a private loan from the bank and usually the terms are better than for a fast loan that you apply online with a credit company. However, the handling of a fast loan is considerably shorter than that of a private loan. When you apply for a loan online, you are usually notified immediately after you have sent your application. A private loan can take between 2-5 business days to be processed.

So, to summarize, is a quick loan:  

  • A private loan with a higher interest rate
  • One smaller loan
  • A loan to be repaid within a maximum of 90 days
  • A loan that is paid out within 24 hours

While a private loan is:

  • A loan with a lower interest rate
  • A bigger loan
  • A loan that can be repaid within 1-15 years
  • A loan that is paid out within 2-5 days


Which loan is the most expensive, fast or private loan?

Which loan is the most expensive, fast or private loan?

Generally speaking, a quick loan is more expensive than a private loan. This is because the bank can usually offer a lower interest rate on its private loan than an online lender. If you have landed a private loan with your bank, you are probably already a customer and the bank has a good overview of your personal finances. In addition, the bank can offer a longer repayment period than a private credit company. The bank simply runs a smaller risk than the credit company.  

Quick loans are also called consumer loans, blank loans or SMS loans. When you borrow money online, it happens very quickly, even faster than when you apply for a loan online at your bank. The money is paid out within 24 hours and if you have a bill that is urgent, this is a true savior in need. Very few banks are as quick even if you were to submit a loan application online. At the same time, there is a reason why fast loans are usually defined as high-cost credits. A quick loan should be repaid quickly so that the interest rate does not go away.  

Keep in mind that although a private loan is cheaper than a quick loan, there are also some similarities between private and quick loans:

  • There are fees for both types of loans. The size of the fees may vary and the bank’s fees may not be cheaper than the credit company’s.
  • The interest rate is set individually. This means that even if the bank CAN offer a lower interest rate, you may not receive a lower interest rate if your credit rating is crass.
  • Both fast loans and private loans can have either a fixed interest rate or a variable interest rate. Loans with variable interest rates can become more expensive over time. Make sure you know what type of interest you receive before signing the loan agreement.


Which loan is best, private loan or fast loan?

Which loan is best, private loan or fast loan?

It depends on your needs and your own financial circumstances. Your bank can offer you good loan terms, but if you have payment notes, it is likely that the bank does not want to lend you more money. In that case, the solution can be a quick loan. Choosing a good quick loan is not easy, but you can get help along the way. At LoanShooter you can compare different types of loans to quickly find the right solution for your needs. It is free to use our comparison service and no matter which company you choose, you can feel safe. We only mediate lenders who are under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Having trouble getting a loan?

If you normally find it difficult to get a private loan, it is not at all impossible that you can get a sms loan anyway. After all, most sms lenders have lower requirements than banks have, since sms loans are significantly smaller than a regular private loan and because the loan period is so short.

However, different lenders have different requirements on their borrowers when it comes to income and some do not allow payment remarks while others do, so if you have payment remarks or a really low income you should turn to a lender who thinks it is okay.


Low income? Choose a lender that makes an individual assessment

Low income? Choose a lender that makes an individual assessment

Here on Astro Finance you will find many sms lenders who use an individual income assessment. This means that they do not have any minimum income requirements, which means that many who normally find it difficult to get a loan may be allowed to borrow even if they have a low income or fully and live on income from tuition or A-cash.

When you turn to such a credit company, they weigh your income against your expenses and it could very well end up with you getting a loan. Look in the top right of our reviews to see who makes an individual assessment or check out the loans that do not require any income.


Borrow with payment note

Borrow with payment note

Having a previous note of payment does not actually have anything to do with your current repayment ability, so we think it makes sense that you get the opportunity to borrow anyway.

As you have probably seen here on Astro Finance, we have many sms lenders that allow payment remarks, just look in the column Note and you will see which ones do it. Otherwise, you can only check for “Show only lenders who can accept payment note” at the top of our first page and all sms loans you can take despite payment note, or click here. Smooth, right?


Sms loans without UC

Sms loans without UC

The lenders who do not take a credit report from UC usually do it elsewhere, but it is not impossible that it leads to a slightly more generous assessment of your ability to pay. So if you find it difficult to get a loan elsewhere, it may be worth trying to borrow from such a lender.

Remove credit card details online and in apps

Today it is super easy to spend money online. Especially if you have card details saved in an application or account online. Usually, companies online ask if you want to save credit cards online and then you have to actively remove them. It’s easier than ever to just click “buy” or “charge card”. Your online account is filled with one click. Money collected from your personal account where you have a limited amount of money.


Remove credit cards online

credit cards online

To break the habit of easily spending money online or through applications, it is best to remove your card details online completely. If you do not have your card details in, for example, an Loanlink House application, it will take longer the next time you fill up your account. One trick can be to cancel online purchases completely for your credit card and order a new credit card. Then you are absolutely sure that all credit cards are blocked.

Deleting your credit card details will take longer to make a purchase the next time you choose to do so. During that time, you can think about why you should spend money. To complete an impulse purchase, it is only this little time that is required and you then save money quickly or rather faster.


Remove credit card details

Remove credit card details

Usually, it is very easy to remove credit card details and payment methods with a maximum of four simple steps. We describe how it can be done with four below four steps on a website where you pay via the internet.

  1. Open your application or account on computer.
  2. Click Change Payment Methods. Your account opens.
  3. Click Payment Methods.
  4. Click Remove under the payment method to be removed.

The payment method will be removed from the account for which you have registered your details. Usually it is even easier to remove payment method with different apps. Payment methods can be easily removed via the settings function. Then the credit card is deregistered and you can alternatively register a new credit card.

Do you tend to keep your payment methods on active accounts online or in apps? Or do you remove them immediately after you purchase a product or service?

Compare mortgage brokers for private loans and mortgages

With our first post, we would like to welcome you to the Mortgage Broker Guide. This website was founded with the idea of ​​creating an independent comparison site that compares the growing number of loan intermediaries. As a consumer, it can be difficult to know which loan brokers are serious and where to get the best loan broker. The idea is that we will facilitate your choice by providing an independent comparison of Sweden’s most popular loan intermediaries.


What is a Mortgage Broker?

mortgage loan

A loan intermediary helps its customers to develop individual loan offers by contacting a number of different banks and credit institutions. The idea is that the banks will compete to get you as a customer by offering their best interest rates and terms.

Loan brokerage services are an industry that has grown significantly in recent years, which is no wonder given that banks in Sweden apply individual interest rates. As a consumer, it can thus become almost impossible to know at which bank you get the best interest rate. At the same time, as a consumer, the worse the credit rating, the more banks you ask for, as all banks take a credit report from the Information Center (UC) to assess the customer’s credit rating. In the end, it may be the number of credit reports that cause the bank to decline.


Private loans and mortgages

Private loans and mortgages

At the Mortgage Broker Guide you have the opportunity to compare mortgage brokers for private loans and mortgage brokers for mortgages. Private loans that are brokered are so-called blanc loans, ie loans without collateral. Without security, you do not have to pledge any property and you can use the money for exactly what you want. Private loans are generally used as consumer loans, that is to say, for example, car purchases, boat purchases, renovations or weddings. With most loan intermediaries you can borrow between USD 5,000 – 500,000 and choose a repayment period between 1 – 15 years.


Only licensed loan intermediaries

Only licensed loan intermediaries

At the Mortgage Broker Guide you will find only loan brokers registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Registered loan intermediaries are under the supervision of both the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Swedish Consumer Agency, so you can feel safe applying for a loan from a loan intermediary compared to us. Unfortunately, there are unfortunately few loan intermediaries offering mortgage services, so we will keep an eye out for more loan brokers and expand our compilation soon!